December 28 Library at the manor house Sidst udgivet den 28-12-2015

Ernst was the only one who seemed to not be affected. Wilma at least had exhausted herself and had entered into a lethargic state. She sat on one of Giurcanu the horses during the morning. Ernst suddenly wanted to desene animate know where they were going and why. We are going to meet the Countess in Paris, said Esther with an excited tone in her voice that sounded a little too strained to fool even the young boy. Why? he asked unimpressed. She has a lovely place there and she has invited us to visit. It would be impolite to desene animate dublate turn down such a request, Edith chipped in. If her lover had to try to cheer up the boy she had to do a bit better than that she thought and she decided to take over the task. 

I am absolutely sure that you will love it. It is a beautiful place right in the city of Paris. Have you ever heard about the Eiffel Tower and the big Cathedral of Notre Dame? They are fine sights to desene animate dublate be seen. There is no city just like Paris, she promised him. The poor little boy was going through so much at such a young age. They all had a responsibility to make this as smooth for him as possible. I have seen a book with pictures of Paris in the library, Ernst replied casually. But why has the Countess left us? he wanted to know undeterred. She went ahead so she can get desene animate the place tidy for us. Therewill be a huge party when we get there, Esther promised her little prince, having composed herself and up for the task of lightening the mood. 

The French make excellent bread and desene animate sweets. There are streets with nothing but shops for chocolate and pastries. You will love them, Esther assured him. Where is grandfather? Ernst asked suddenly. And Alma? Oh, they are waiting for Egon. The minute your uncle is back from the war they will join us in Paris and then we will all be together, said Esther. Will my father be there too? asked Ernst. Maybe not in Paris but once he comes back from the war you can meet him. I think you will most likely see him in Berlin, answered Greta. He is always busy and he told me that desene animate he can hardly leave his house there, he has so much work to do.